The Neota Approach

The Neota Group is uniquely designed to offer unparalleled resources to our customers from product concept through design for manufacturability, design validation, prototyping and into mass production.  We have the resources necessary to get your product to market more efficiently and cost effectively than anyone else in the world.

Our services are designed around three distinct phases with specific resources dedicated to each product development phase.


Phase 1 - design for manufacturability

DFM for Metal Injection Molding goes beyond just sound product design.  A successful MIM development considers design, material, quality systems, prototyping approach, validation plans, cost analysis and project planning.  The goal is to get your product to market as fast as possible so a sound, multi-dimensional strategy needs to be implemented from the beginning.

Our decades of industry expertise are specifically designed to be at your disposal and act as an extension of your engineering team throughout your development process from initial concept.  

This unique structure is why The Neota Group is positioned better than anyone in the world to make your MIM development a success!


phase 2 - design validation / prototyping

The best way to validate your design is by functional testing with actual MIM parts.

We have the resources to supply real MIM parts along with custom staging in as little as four weeks!!  This allows us to prototype your design using the material, staging technique and injection molding process that represents the final process.  

These resources also allow us to move through design iterations extremely efficiently arriving at a final validated design as fast as possible.

Our toolroom can be bringing a multi-cavity production tool along in parallel so once the design is validated, the production tool can be completed and ready for full-scale production very quickly.


phase 3 -production (low to high volume)

Once the design has been properly validated that same tooling can be used right away to launch production.  There does not have to be any down time between prototype activities and production ramp up.

We have the resources to support serial production, however, we understand that you may have an established MIM vendor that you would like to transfer production work to, so in those cases, we will facilitate the transition to your MIM vendor of choice.